How Delivery Drones Will Do A Lot More Than Just Delivery

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When Jeff Bezos of Amazon announced drone deliveries within half hour of purchase by early 2017, half of the audience was struck with awe while the other half considered it a joke.

We know that while the drones are capable of delivering packages to any given location, there are some technical and legal hurdles. That’s the reason why Amazon hasn’t been able to implement its drone delivery plans even its proposed start dates have come and gone.

The instant incorporation of delivery drones in businesses on a large scale is not possible right now, but the idea is surely not that far away.

As delivery drones are around the corner, let’s look at the pros of drone delivery.  (Cons we will save for some time later.) How will companies, investors, and users benefit from this and what challenges they might face along the way?

Better Business for Drone Companies

Drones companies will profit a lot as production demands will increase manifold. So, too, the investors and shareholders of the drone companies will benefit from the increase in the revenues.

This will also hold true for businesses that incorporate the delivery drones in their business. The increased efficiency in their operation will yield cost savings and better profits.

Fast Deliveries

Drones are set to be the quickest delivery option in a short time. Customers will benefit from this phenomenon as they will get their products right away.  Companies that will better manage the drone deliveries will achieve better sales and higher rates of customer attraction and retention.

Responding to Health Emergencies

If drones can deliver a package faster than anything else, they also can respond to a medical emergency situation quicker than anyone and send emergency kits to patients without wasting time. For a person suffering cardiac arrest or a stroke, whether they are in a dense urban area or a remote location with poor roads, every second counts. Successful tests have already been conducted in many countries to locate a suffering person and reach them with a medical assistance package in time.

Environmental Conservation

When implemented on a full scale, delivery drones will greatly reduce the impact of delivery fleets on the environment. While automobile industry is showing great improvement in reducing the emissions, there is no comparison with the drones which almost have zero effect on the environment.

So we were right when we said delivery drones will do more than just delivery. Improving environment to saving lives in medical situations, drones will do everything to make our lives safe and easy.

Talking about drones, do you know you can be a shareholder of an American drone company?

If you’re a non-U.S. investor and want to buy stock in a drone company, please click here.

The company has filed a Regulation A+ offering statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to a sale of its common stock. Our SEC filing can be retrieved from

This program is on a first-come, first-served basis and is available only for Non-US Persons who are not in the United States. In order for us to be able to issue the shares to you, you should review the material at and certify that:

1) You are not a U.S. citizen or resident (Not a U.S. Person).

2) You first received an offer to participate in the Program and agreed to purchase the drones while outside the United States.

3) You understand that the shares issued under the Program will be non-transferable and non-voting until the later of one year after issuance or the date on which a trading market develops for the company’s common stock on a U.S. securities exchange or in the over-the-counter market in the United States.

4) You further agree to resell the common stock received in the Program only in accordance with the provisions of SEC  Regulation S,  pursuant to registration under the Securities Act, or pursuant to an available exemption from SEC registration; and agree not to engage in hedging transactions with regard to such securities unless in compliance with the Securities Act and other applicable laws.

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