Drones Are Impacting the Construction Industry In More Ways Than One

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The construction industry in America is worth 8.5 Trillion dollars, and the total losses due to lower efficiency in the execution of construction work amount to $150 billion per year.

Efficiency has always been a problem at the construction sites. But what if we tell you that times are changing and constructions managers can now save days or months (depending on the scale of the project) from their total project times?

Thanks to drones; an unexpected savior that now addresses a very old problem in the construction world.

No one thought that the drones will make this far so early. Since the revision of FAA regulations and many exemptions to flying drones, drones are having an impact on almost every field of work.

Today, we will see how drones are increasing the efficiency in the construction world, along with many other benefits that make it a must for the construction managers to incorporate drones into their work.

Why Drones in Construction Industry?

We will list a few benefits here and you will be forced to say why not?

Great Marketing and Sales Tool

Using drones in your work make you stand apart in the competitions. When people know that you have the latest technology to support your work, they start trusting you even before you start the work; thus attracting more clients and more business opportunities.

Improve Work Quality

Almost 15% of the construction material is wasted due to flawed calculations. Drones not only help you in getting accurate survey results and calculations, but also help you in getting the results in an efficient manner; thus minimizing the wastage of resources and improving the quality of work.

Improve Safety at Work Sites

Construction work in risky places gets easier with drones. All the surveillance work when done by drones minimizes the need for human resources, thus mitigating the risks to the workforce safety. Moreover, drones can be used to inspect the potentially hazardous areas and foretell the condition of a site before anything bad happens.

Better Data Analysis

Gathering the data is one thing, the analysis of that data and drawing results is another. Drones leave no stone unturned in providing the most accurate data. Moreover, with the help of advanced cameras and sensors, architects and engineers can analyze the structures and sites in multiple dimensions; thus getting better information and better results.

The list of benefits can go on and on, but we think that for any construction company, the above-mentioned points are enough to realize the impact drones can have on their work. So if you are associated with the construction work, never be afraid to consider drones.

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