How Drones Have Streamlined News Gathering

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In the news industry, helicopters were a sensation for quite some time; streaming live criminal chases, fire evacuations, and sports events; but drones took a big step ahead and changed the game forever.

Newsgathering has never been so much better; drones are empowering journalism to provide extra angles to the news, and better visuals and richer facts and figures, news outlets can now keep the audience glued to the screens for longer periods.  Moreover, the integration of drones with latest technologies such as artificial intelligence empower the news channels to create more impactful news with quality graphics and sound quality.

Drones are not very old in the consumer market. They came as late as 2015, and changes in the FAA regulations and exemptions regarding drones in 2016 further allowed them to be adopted by industries. In a short span of time, however, drones have captured a place in almost every industry; and news industry is among the top business consumers of drone technology.

Moreover, with the reduced cost of the technological production, the cost of drones has decreased and a high-end camera drone is available for as low as $700. This means that not only the news giants, but also the news startups that use social media and internet to spread their news can now have better tools for newsgathering.

As far as the future of drones in the news industry is concerned, drones have already become the most prominent tool in the newsgathering. We already see drones that connect to the network and live stream HD videos and send high-resolution images in real time. With continued improvements in the technology, drones will become more powerful and more efficient.

There is no stopping of drones to disrupt the ways news channels operate.

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