Finding the Right Robotics & AI Solution – Drones to the Rescue

Invest in a Drone Company – Non-U.S. Investors

What was all fiction, fantasy, and at best, an exciting movie script is now a reality. We are talking about robots and artificial intelligence.

If the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence had to be explained in a few words, it would have been, ‘robotics and artificial intelligence are the future for every business and every industry.’

Business managers and owners should have one thing in the back of their heads while planning for the future; only those businesses or industries will be able to survive and thrive which keep up to the ever-evolving technological impact on the businesses and incorporate the latest technology in their business operations.

Companies that have already incorporated artificial intelligence into their business operations have reaped the benefits.

“We’re leveraging two of the world’s hottest technologies for drones: artificial intelligence and blockchain.” says the About page of MOTA, a US-based drone and robot company that has sold more than 2 million smart products so far.  The company uses artificial intelligence to create better-flying robots (drones).

Now when we have established the position of robots and AI in today’s business world, there is still one very important challenge that we have to address.

There is a myriad of options when it comes to robots and AI solution providers. Countless companies have emerged in the market, each claiming to be the best. In such a situation, it becomes very challenging for the businesses to decide on the best option available.

One of the basic parameters to decide the credibility of any robotics/ AI solution is setting your goals well; what do you want to achieve with your robotics/AI.  Then look for a solution that fits your business requirements and resonate with your long-term goals.

Kris Hammond, the Author of the book Practical Artificial Intelligence for Dummies has shortlisted a list of questions that every good AI solution should answer.

  • Is the data good enough?

  • Is the data accurate, precise and broad?

  • Could a human do this task given this data?

  • How rich is the data set?

  • What kind of the answer does user need?

  • Does the data set contain information with a potential answer?

If non-U.S. investor and want to learn how you can take an ownership stake in a drone company, please click here now.

The company has filed a Regulation A+ offering statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to a sale of its common stock. Our SEC filing can be retrieved from

This program is on a first-come, first-served basis and is available only for Non-US Persons who are not in the United States. In order for us to be able to issue the shares to you, you should review the material at and certify that:

1) You are not a U.S. citizen or resident (Not a U.S. Person).

2) You first received an offer to participate in the Program and agreed to purchase the drones while outside the United States.

3) You understand that the shares issued under the Program will be non-transferable and non-voting until the later of one year after issuance or the date on which a trading market develops for the company’s common stock on a U.S. securities exchange or in the over-the-counter market in the United States.

4) You further agree to resell the common stock received in the Program only in accordance with the provisions of SEC  Regulation S,  pursuant to registration under the Securities Act, or pursuant to an available exemption from SEC registration; and agree not to engage in hedging transactions with regard to such securities unless in compliance with the Securities Act and other applicable laws.

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