Frequently Asked Questions







1. General

What is the Lily Camera?

Lily is the world’s next-generation camera drone. Instructions are as easy as it can get. Lily flies itself and uses Smart Hover™ Technology, GPS, and computer vision to follow you around, or take 360 inward or outward. You can also watch all your recordings on your phone via Lily-3D Converter App! We made this so simple that a caveman can do it! Lily comes fully-loaded with extra battery, Rapid-Fast Charger, Carrying Case, Ultra-Compact Design and can shoot up to 4K of pictures and videos. The age of the complicated drones are over!

How much does Lily cost?

Lily Next-Gen 2017 is offered at retail price of $499 USD. Lily comes fully-loaded with extra battery (up to 36 min combined), Rapid-Fast Charger, Extra Parts, Ultra-Compact Design and can shoot up to 4K of pictures and videos. We also offer a Fully-Loaded Package which includes everything in the Standard Package, with Carrying Case, Stand-alone Premium Remote Controller, Damage Protection Package at retail price of $799 USD.

How do I get my Lily?

You can order a Lily via our website. We will be fulfilling direct orders first and as soon as we fulfill the orders in the next 30 days we will have the drone through major distribution worldwide including top big-box retailers but at the full MSRP price.

What do I get when I order a Lily?

  • A Lily Camera, Next-Gen 2017
  • Rapid-Fast Charger, so you don’t have to wait long to charge the battery
  • Extra Battery, giving you up to 36 min of combined flying time
  • Charging Cable
  • Extra Propellers
  • Propeller Guards
  • Portable Carrying Case
  • 16 GB Fast Built-in Memory
  • User Manual
  • (Optional) Loss/Damage Protection
  • (Optional) 3D Converter

Are the drones ready to ship?

Of course. Our current ship date is up to 30 days from the time we receive your order, and depending on where it’s being shipped to worldwide. You’ll be receiving a tracking number and the drone directly from factory or one of our distribution centers. We ship orders in order they are received. The sooner you place the order, the sooner you’ll receive it!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Different Tax rates may apply. Although we provide free shipping through an exclusive program, you’re responsible for any customs/duties applicable to your country.

What happened to the original Lily Robotics Project?

The original Lily was a crowdfunding project that unfortunately it did not succeed. Mota Group acquired assets of Lily and created this drone based on the very same basis Lily was on: Simplicity, Function, and Making a Difference. We also improved the functions significantly. We are just getting started!

What is Mota Group?

Mota Group is a American company headquarter’ed in San Jose, California. We have been in business since 2003 (way before even big players such as DJI) and have solid foundation of drones and robotics industry. This allows us to fully integrate latest and safest technology into the product and provide a product that industry can count on.

Where are you based?

Our headquarter office is based in San Jose, California. We have offices in Hong Kong, China and soon in Munich, Germany.

Does the price include VAT or other duties?

No. You are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.

What are the tax rates?

Mota is required to charge tax in United States States of California and Nevada, VAT in European Union and Canada. The system generates the tax during the checkout process. Although unlikely, you may want to check with your local country if any other tax is imposed.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, Mota Group who owns Lily division is a multi-national company and we ship worldwide. International shipments are processed normally with DHL or FedEx but we reserve the right to choose the most efficient and reliable way.

What are the shipping costs?

Through an exclusive offer we are offering free shipping worldwide through September 15, 2017. Although this date might change depending on the volume of orders we receive.

If you decide to cancel your pre-order before Lily ships, we will provide a full refund to you.

What is your return/refund policy?

We certainly hope to keep you in the Lily family so if there is any issues with your order please contact us first and let us correct it for you. Purchases in original condition, undamaged can be returned to us within 14 days after the delivery. If you decide to return an item, please contact support@lily.camera .

What happened to the original lily?

The original Lily was a crowd fund project that unfortunately was unsuccessful. Mota Group purchased assets of Lily robotics after the above incident.

Mota has been in business for over 14 years and manufactures wide range of drones and electronics with over 2,000,000 customers worldwide, and is one of the only drone manufacturer in California. Mota manufacturers over seven different lines of drones and its products are sold in both online and big box retailers such as Walmart and Frys Worldwide. Mota has no association with the original company or its staff members.

2. Form

Does Lily really fit in any backpack?

Yes, we designed Lily to be compact and portable. It weighs less than your average laptop.

Can I swap the battery?

Yes. We received numerous feedbacks and based on those we designed the battery to be replaceable. You can get up to 36 minutes (2x 18) of combined flying time along with a Rapid-Fast Charger

Does Lily have a gimbal?

Yes, Lily has both internal mechanical and digital gimble, even though it can get pictures up to 4K. We wanted to make sure you can take Lily with you everywhere. Thus, we made Lily as compact and portable as possible and avoided a bulky mechanical gimbal and sticks outside!

Can I add my own gimbal and camera on Lily?

Lily is designed to be used as a stand-alone camera drone. You do not need anything else to get the footage you want. Lily’s internal camera was built and optimized for aerial footage and it will give you amazing results.


How likely are the propellers to break?

Lily Drone and of course its propellers are designed with safety and ruggedness in mind. You also receive a protective guard, and extra set of blades which are user replaceable. Any extra propellers can be purchased from our website.

Can I buy replacement propellers?

Yes, those will be available long with other accessories at https://store.lily.camera

Can I replace Lily’s propellers myself?

Yes, and it is very easy. The instruction is in the manual with a link to video.

Does Lily only come in one color?

We currently only have the Lily Camera in one color.

3. Function

Is the drone waterproof?


We gathered a user survey and the majority of our customers preferred lower price and longer battery life over waterproof capabilities. Waterproofing creates major limitation for the Drone, including considerably heavier shell, and thus it creates a short battery life, and reduced GPS signal, which can be very frustrating. As result, the Lily Next-Gen is not waterproof.

Can Lily stream video?

Lily streams live video and also stores in the Built-in Fast Memory of the Drone. You can also extract the photo and video with a Micro USB Cable. Via a companion app, you can also stream live to other applications such as Facebook Live.

How do I know when Lily is ready to fly?

Lily will beep for you

Can Lily track other people too?

Yes, just hand them the tracking device.

Can Lily track multiple people at the same time?

No, Lily can only track one tracking device at the time.

Does it have obstacle avoidance?

The current model of the Lily Next-Gen has Smart Hover™ and vertical detection system to allow it to land safely. We are working on addition of the latest surrounding Obstacle Avoidance user-upgradable kit as well and it will be announced as soon as it is released.

4. Usage

What wind speeds does Lily operate in?

We have tested Lily in winds above 22 mph (at the beach), but we advise people not to operate their Lily Camera in winds above 15 mph.

How do I set up Lily?

The great thing about Lily is that there is minimal setup required. Just turn on your Lily camera, launch the companion app and Lily will be up in no time!

Where can I buy replacement parts for Lily?

You will be able to purchase these from our website https://store.lily.camera

Do I need to assemble anything when setting up my Lily?

No. It works right out of the box. We keep the battery separate for transportation which you can plug in easily.


How much time does it take to recharge Lily’s battery?

With the RapidFast charge that is supplied with the drone, you can charge it fully in as little as 30 minutes

How can I check Lily’s battery level?

The battery has four lights indicating its charging level. You can also see it from the companion app


What happens when Lily loses track of me?

Thanks to Smart Hover™, Lily will hover in place and try to recover the signal, and if it cannot find you it will automatically go to the last known location that knew you were in and will try to land safely, monitoring its downward movement for obstacles.

What happens when Lily runs out of power when it is in the air?

Lily always calculates how much distance it has from you and to have enough battery to come back (with some buffers). If you don’t land it yourself, Lily will smoothly fly back to you and land before running out of battery.

5. Safety and regulation

Where can I use Lily?

Anywhere outdoors as long as you are respecting all the local laws and regulations.

Where can I not use Lily (according to current FAA guidelines)?

This is part common-sense and part government regulation. Just like driving a car, you want to fly Lily where you see it has enough distance on moving objects. In addition, near airports or military zones and some locations are absolute no no! Your drone will come with a Fly Safely Postcard to show graphically some areas to avoid.