Frequently Asked Questions







1. The Basics

What is the Lily Next-Gen™?

Lily Next-Gen is a fun and simple camera drone in the spirit of the Lily flying camera. It features category-leading flight time and photography: up to 18 minutes in the air and 4K ultra HD video. It has object tracking to follow you or another person or vehicle.

For drone jockeys who want to go farther, Lily Next-Gen can be flown up to half-a mile away. It weighs only 14.6 ounces and comes with a totable carry bag to take anywhere.

It folds to the width of a smartphone, and it’s plenty smart itself, with software to make flying a breeze

The age of the complicated drones is over!

How much does Lily Next-Gen cost?

Please check our store for prices for the drone, an optional dedicated controller, and value bundles that include more of what you need like extra batteries. Not to mention our exclusive limited warranties that cover damage and even flyaways!

How do I get my Lily Next-Gen?

You can order a Lily via our website. We will be fulfilling website orders first. Lily Next-Gen will also be available at major retailers.

What do I get when I order a Lily Next-Gen?

That depends on the model. At a minimum you’ll get:

  • Lily Next-Gen
  • Rapid-Fast charger and charging cable
  • Fully illustrated owner’s manual

Some Lily Next-Gen models are available with:

  • Extra batteries, because you can never have enough
  • Extra propellers
  • Propeller guards
  • A totable padded carrying case taking your drone and accessories to your next adventure
  • Limited warranties that offer damage and/or flyaway protection

Is the Lily Next-Gen shipping?

Lily Next-Gen began shipping in October, and because of continuing strong demand it’s first come, first served. You’ll receive a tracking number once your Next-Gen ships, so be sure to include your email where shown on the order form. The sooner you place the order, the sooner you’ll receive your drone.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please note that while our shipping time of up to 7 days remains the same within the U.S., international shipping can take as long 4 weeks because of customs clearance processes in your country. Most international shipments get through sooner.

Do prices include VAT or other taxes or customers duties?

Although we provide free shipping, you are responsible for any customs duties / customs clearance charges / brokerage charges / tariffs / taxes, etc. applicable to your country.

What is your return/refund policy?

We certainly hope to keep you in the Lily family so if there are any issues with your order, please contact us first and let us correct it for you. Purchases in original condition, unused and undamaged can be returned to us within 14 days after the delivery. If you decide to return an item, please contact support@lily.camera for a return authorization before you ship it.

What happened to the original Lily Robotics Project?

The original Lily Robotics was not able to bring the Lily drone to market. When we saw what had happened, we wanted to produce a drone representing the ideals of Lily Robotics’ fun and simple selfie drone for highly active people.

We created Lily Next-Gen in that same spirit. We also improved the functions significantly so it could do a lot more and appeal to more people.

Where’s my refund from Lily Robotics?

Refunds for Lily Robotics backers are being handled by the courts in Lily Robotics’ bankruptcy proceedings. We are not involved in, and have no knowledge of, the backer refund process. Mota Group is a completely separate company.

What is Mota Group?

Being that we already have several years’ experience manufacturing consumer and commercial drones under our belt, we took on the challenge to create a product that would live up to the original vision for the Lily drone and more.

Since 2003, Mota Group, Inc. has focused on simplifying the technology in people’s lives. We’re headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Hong Kong, China, and another planned for Munich, Germany. Our drone division MOTA® develops and manufactures drones, from the world’s smallest, JETJAT® Nano, to commercial workhorses for industry and government applications. Our consumer electronics division TAMO™ imagines and brings to life stylish wearables, VR headsets, portable power products, and mobile accessories. For more information, visit http://www.mota.com, http://www.tamo.com, or http://www.lily.camera.

Where are your servers located?

We’re a U.S. company, headquartered in San Jose, California. with offices in Hong Kong and another planned for Munich, Germany. Most of our manufacturing is in Shenzhen, China. Our servers are here in California and in Virginia. We do not store customer data outside the United States.

2. Features

Does Lily Next-Gen really fit in any backpack?

We designed Lily to be compact and portable. It folds to the width of a smartphone and its take-off weight is only 14.6 ounces. It will even fit in a large sock, though we offer a much nicer carrying case.

May I download the Owner’s Manual?

Yes! Please go to http://www.lily.camera/tech-specs/ and scroll to the bottom.

Can I swap the battery?

Yes. Land, swap in a fresh battery, and get back in the air lickety-split. The flight time is 18 minutes.* With enough extra batteries you can spend a long time in the air.

In what kinds of weather can I fly Lily Next-Gen?

Please don’t fly in bad weather conditions, such as in rain, snow, high winds, or in severely polluted or dusty environments. Do not use in cold environments (under 5°C / 41º F). When the temperature is low, the battery’s capacity may drop, reducing flight time and/or the battery may be damaged. Please warm up the drone to 5°C or higher before use. 20°C / 68° F or higher is optimum for maximum performance.

How do Object Tracking and Follow Me work?

Lily Next-Gen can follow a chosen object while recording video. This can be you (Follow Me) or someone else (Object Tracking). Object Tracking works by analyzing video images from the drone’s 4K camera.

Object Tracking is not an autopilot. It cannot control all aspects of flight such as watching out for obstacles. You are responsible for maintaining control of Lily Next-Gen at all times. Object Tracking requires these conditions to function effectively:

  • Flown outdoors using GPS.
  • Flown to an altitude of about 9 feet above the ground before using Object Tracking.
  • Flown no higher than about 15 feet above the ground during Object Tracking flight.

Because Object Tracking is visually based, it works on a best-efforts basis. The drone may lose the object being tracked if:

  • you fly the drone too far away from the object,
  • the illumination changes, or the object
  • enters shadows or bright sunlight,
  • moves too fast,
  • makes a sudden turn,
  • its reflected color is too similar to that the ground, or the object is close to another object.

If the Next-Gen loses the object being tracked it will hover awaiting your next command.You can stop Object Tracking at any time by tapping Stop Tracking button on the Object Tracking screen in the flight app.

How does Return to Home work?

Return to Home returns the Lily Next-Gen to its take-off point and then performs an autoland. How to use it:

  • Tap the “Return to Home” button on the left side of the main control screen.
  • You can stop Return to Home by tapping the “Stop” button just above “Return to Home.”

Return to Home functions outdoors only, and requires the drone’s GPS positioning to be active. Return to Home will initiate automatically:

  • In the event of a critically low battery.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection is lost.

If Return to Home is invoked, the drone will first attempt to gain altitude to ensure a clear path back to the return point. Return to Home cannot control all aspects of flight such as watching out for obstacles in front of the drone, like a building, or above the drone, like a tree or overhang. You are responsible for maintaining control of Lily Next-Gen at all times.

Does Lily Next-Gen have a gimbal?

Lily Next-Gen has a digital gimbal. This helps keep the Next-Gen compact and portable and avoids the need for a finicky and expensive mechanical gimbal.

Can I add my own gimbal and camera on Lily Next-Gen?

Lily Next-Gen is designed as a stand-alone camera drone. You do not need anything else to get the footage you want. Lily’s internal camera is a Sony IMX 214 optimized for amazing aerial footage at 4K and 1080p, and stills at 13 MP.

What’s its frequency?

Lily Next-Gen uses the 5.8 GHz radio frequency to communicate with your phone. This is what lets you fly your Next-Gen. Older smartphones may not be 5.8 GHz compatible. Please ensure your smartphone can communicate on 5.8 GHz before you try to pair it with Lily Next-Gen. If in doubt, please check your phone’s owner’s manual or ask the store from which you bought it.

How likely are the propellers to break?

Not very. Having said that propellers usually bear the brunt of the damage if Lily Next-Gen impacts an object. Even if you have a perfect flight record they will wear out over time.

Depending on the model, Lily Next-Gen has detachable propeller guards to keep its propellers and anything near them safe. We recommend propeller guards when flying indoors.

Extra propellers can be purchased from our website:  https://store.lily.camera

Do you include any extra propellers?

Yes! There’s a set in the Lily Next-Gen box. Note that the propellers are pre-mounted when you buy your Next-Gen. You need only expand the arms before flight. When you’re done with flying, we suggest you fold back the arms and the blades to prevent them from being damaged during travel.

Can I replace Lily’s propellers myself?

Yes, and it’s straightforward. You should replace the propellers if any one of them is scuffed, marked, scratched, bent, or damaged in any way. What might look like nothing more than cosmetic damage can upset the aerodynamic balance of your drone.

Here’s how: Each blade is marked on the top to show the direction in which it spins. Each motor has two blades and one set of two circular flanges with two screws that hold the blades in position. Use the included Allen wrench / hex key to loosen both screws on the motor and pull each blade down from its circular flange and then straight out, away from the flange. The Owner’s Manual has a diagram showing how. Replace with blades that spin in the same direction. Please fasten the replacements tightly. We recommend replacing all eight propellers and four flange sets together to ensure maximum efficiency, and more stable flight.

Does Lily Next-Gen only come in one color?

We currently offer the Lily Next-Gen in a burnished dark gray. If you have an idea for other colors, please let us know!

Is Lily Next-Gen waterproof?

Lily Next-Gen does not offer IP67 waterproofing, (submersible to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes), which was a feature that Lily Robotics had advertised but never delivered. Lily customers told us they preferred a longer flight time and greater affordability over this level of water resistance, which would have increased complexity, significantly increased cost, and impacted performance.

3. In the Air

Can Lily stream video?

Lily streams live video and also stores it in its memory. You can copy the photos and video with a Micro USB Cable. Via a companion app, you can also stream live to other applications such as Facebook Live and out to the internet.

Can Lily track other people too?

Yes, and vehicles, although one at a time.

Does it have obstacle avoidance?

The current model of the Lily Next-Gen has a vertical planer object avoidance system to help it land safely.

What wind speeds does Lily operate in?

We advise people not to operate their Lily Next-Gen in winds above 15 mph.

How do I set up Lily?

The great thing about Lily is that setup is minimal. No assembly needed for things like propellers, landing legs, etc. Just turn on your Lily Next-Gen, launch the companion app and Lily will be up in short order.

BUT PLEASE DO READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL before your first take-off. It has vital information to help keep you and your drone out of trouble.

Where can I buy replacement parts for Lily?

Please visit our website:  https://store.lily.camera

How much time does it take to recharge Lily Next-Gen’s battery?

With the quick charger supplied with the drone, you can charge it fully in as little as 30 minutes.*

How can I check Lily Next-Gen’s battery level?

The battery has four lights indicating its charging level. You can also see your battery level in the companion app.

What happens if Lily Next-Gen loses communication with your controller?

Thanks to Smart Hover™, Lily will hover in place and try to recover the Wi-Fi signal, and if it cannot, it will automatically go to the last known location that it new you were in and land, monitoring its downward travel for obstacles.

What happens when Lily Next-Gen runs out of power?

Lily always calculates its distance from you its battery level to allow time to come back. If the battery level becomes critically low and you don’t immediately land it yourself, Lily will fly back to you and land before it runs out of power.

4. Fly Safely!

You are responsible for maintaining control of your drone at all times.

KNOW THE REGULATIONS: From the FAA or other civil aviation agencies, and for the location at which you plan to fly.
KNOW YOUR DRONE: Read the Lily Next-Gen Owner’s Manual to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. http://bit.ly/2jtrX32
ENSURE YOUR DRONE IS READY TO FLY: Follow each step in the Pre-Flight Checklist below.
DO NOT FLY: In no-fly zones, near first-responder activity, over people, at night, above 400 feet, near other aircraft or airports, in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or excessively cold weather, or if you are distracted, tired, or under the influence.

Where can I use Lily?

Indoors and outdoors, as long as you respect all laws and regulations.

Lily has geofencing to keep it out of no-fly zones. No-fly zones include airports, military installations, and major infrastructure such as power plants.

Visit our FlySafely! page for safety tips and a free downloadable poster: https://www.mota.com/fly-safely-campaign/

Where can I not use Lily?

Two great resources for U.S. users to tell you if it’s safe to fly are the FAA’s B4UFLY app for Android and iOS phones, and the airspace map at Know Before You Fly http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/air-space-map/.

*Flight time and range depend on battery condition, flight conditions, and drone operation. Battery charge time depends on battery condition.