Lily Pre-Flight Checklist

Lily Pre-Flight Checklist

Plan Your Flight

  • Follow all regulations for drone flight in your jurisdiction. In the U.S., these include:

    Maintain visual sight of the drone at all times.Stay below 400 feet.Don’t fly over people.Don’t fly at night.

  • Plan your flight path to allow for obstacle avoidance if the drone automatically returns home at any time.

  • Ensure your flight path:

    Does not include areas with strong electromagnetic interference, such as a cellular antenna or microwave dish.

    Does not include a no-fly zone. Use an app like the FAA’s B4UFLY or a web source like AirMap to identify them:

Ensure Your Drone is Ready to Fly

1. Calibrate the drone’s compass for your first flight as well as each time the take-off point changes.

2. Calibrate the Lily Next-Gen Remote Controller, if using, before each flight.

3. Verify:

  • Batteries in the drone, controller, and phone are at full rated power.

  • Propeller arms are pulled out and latched securely in place.

  • Each propeller is securely attached and free of damage: not bent, scratched, nicked, etc.

  • Lenses on the optic flow camera and the front facing camera are clean.

  • Drone status indicator LEDs display green flashing (systems normal).