Why Lily?

Why Choose Lily Next-Gen®


The Only Drone on the Planet with
Loss / Damage Protection Plan

Lily is the only drone that provides 1-Year of Loss/Damage protection. You’re covered if you lose your drone! The Lily Flyaway + Loss Protection Plan™ provides a replacement even if yours is damaged or lost. No one else does this. Restrictions apply: Terms

Everything You Need

When you buy a lily, you will have everything you need:
extra battery, premium case, propeller guards, and charging set.

*Remote control sold separately

Ready to Get a Lily

Smart Charging Set

Keeps your Lily fully charged for peak performance.

High-Strength Propellers

Custom designed for your maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

360 Propeller Cages

Full protection from spinning propellers at all times.

Padded Carry Case

Take Lily with you anywhere, with foldable legs and blades.


The Friendliest Drone in the Sky

Lily Next-Gen is your personal companion. Everything is automatic and easy. Pull it out from its custom sleeve, turn it on and go! It can follow you faithfully, hover in air like it were rock solid, and come back home at the touch of a button.


Precision Engineered, Built Tough

No wider than a smartphone, take Lily Next-Gen anywhere. Its rugged body, included spare battery, and optional propeller guards make it ready to fly when you are. The advanced electronic gimbal keeps what you’re shooting squarely in sight every time.


Gorgeous Videos
and Photos

Silky smooth 1080p video, ultra-high resolution 4K, sharp 13 MP photos — Lily Next-Gen gives you beautiful shots every time. Skim over a lake, leap tall buildings in a single bound, barrel though a tunnel and film fun times with family and friends.


Featured In

“Lily demoed perfectly. It promises to make camera drones fun and easy.”
Oct. 6, 2017

“We launched Lily Next-Gen in October 2017, and it’s been selling very well since.”
Jan. 10, 2018

“Mota envisions a future where blockchain gives greater transparency to drone flight.”
Jan. 8, 2018

“Next-Gen LILY Drone Packs a Powerful Punch.”
Oct. 10, 2017

“RotorDrone Magazine: Lily Next Gen”
January 2018

“In Flight USA: To be Pilot or Not to be a pilot”
February 2018

Bylined article: “Major new legislation supports integrating drones fully into the national airspace.”
Oct. 1, 2018


Lily vs. Competition



People Love Lily


Lily is Super Easy to Use

One-Touch Take Off and Smart Hover™

Unbelievably Simple to Fly

Advanced Features Like Follow-Me

24/7 Support

We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.