The Robot Company Billionaires are Waiting For!

Invest in a Drone Company – Non-U.S. Investors

If you think robots are a thing of future, you might want to think again – because they already are a thing right now!

For drones, the future is now.

Initially developed for the defense industry, drones took no time in putting a mark on the commercial and domestic industries with a host of applications in a wide range of industry lines.

With applications too many to count, drones have something for everyone.  From some kids having fun in the backyard to the security experts watching over an important site, drones are becoming important everywhere.

A Better Time to Invest In Drones

Goldman Sachs reports that drones will be a $100 billion dollar market by 2020; making it an investment opportunity that is simply too hot to ignore.

The massive rise of drones in near future is inevitable, and investors are already looking for the opportunities to invest in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities when it comes to investing in the drone industry, mainly because the majority of the drone manufacturers are privately owned.

But it’s definitely not all curtains for the interested investors.  MOTA, a promising drone company with a market presence for over a decade has recently made some headlines with a nifty product range.

What’s in MOTA for the potential investors? It’s offering an IPO! A golden opportunity for non-U.S. investors to earn profits from the 100-billion dollar market.

Mota Group – Making a Mark in the Drone Industry

Robots are interesting as anything, but they are supposed to be technical and complicated. Or are they?

Thanks to the innovative team of MOTA, robotic drones are not that difficult to operate anymore! The California-based drone company gives us a different view of drones altogether.

From making the world’s smallest and lightest drone to designing drones that operate with ‘One Touch’, MOTA is redefining the way drones are perceived in the commercial and domestic market today.

At MOTA, drones are fun, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. The primary design principle, as Michal Faro, the CEO of MOTA, shared in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show, is to make robots “as easy to use as possible for everyone”.

The ‘One Touch’ functionality that you see in the latest MOTA robot models stems from this very idea.  The usability, productivity, and durability are three main pillars on which the MOTA robotic drones are built.

What makes MOTA unique in the market is its idea of integrating the three hottest tech innovations of today, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and drones.

MOTA’s Initial Public Offering

MOTA has announced its IPO.  The company is working to raise $10 million from the IPO, most of which will go to the increased production of its promising products such as the JETJAT and Lily drones.

While most of the prominent drone companies are still working privately, Investing in MOTA IPO is a huge opportunity for non-U.S. investors who are looking to make some profits from the $ 100- Billion Market.

More about MOTA

MOTA is a California-based drone manufacturer company that makes smart, easy to use and affordable drones for fun and for work. They claim to have produced the world’s smallest and lightest drone. They sell on their websites plus all the main retailers across the US and around the world.  MOTA has recently filed for IPO and is inviting investors to reserve their shares. If you’re a non-U.S. investor, please read more about all the products, and the upcoming IPO on their website.

The company has filed a Regulation A+ offering statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to a sale of its common stock. Our SEC filing can be retrieved from

This program is on a first-come, first-served basis and is available only for Non-US Persons who are not in the United States. In order for us to be able to issue the shares to you, you should review the material at and certify that:

1) You are not a U.S. citizen or resident (Not a U.S. Person).

2) You first received an offer to participate in the Program and agreed to purchase the drones while outside the United States.

3) You understand that the shares issued under the Program will be non-transferable and non-voting until the later of one year after issuance or the date on which a trading market develops for the company’s common stock on a U.S. securities exchange or in the over-the-counter market in the United States.

4) You further agree to resell the common stock received in the Program only in accordance with the provisions of SEC  Regulation S,  pursuant to registration under the Securities Act, or pursuant to an available exemption from SEC registration; and agree not to engage in hedging transactions with regard to such securities unless in compliance with the Securities Act and other applicable laws.

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