Making Drones Part of Our National Airspace

Mota Group will be at the Drone Advisory Committee July 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We are members of the UAS Safety Team, an industry-FAA partnership to create data-driven safely enhancements for drone flight, and the Consumer Technology Association’s Drone Standards group, where we helped write an ANSI standard for drone serial numbers.

The DAC advises the FAA on integrating drones into the U.S. national airspace. It helps identify challenges and prioritize improvements.

The airspace system is intended to establish a safe, efficient environment for civil, commercial and military aviation while protecting those on the ground. It comprises airports and heliports, air traffic control, navigation facilities and procedures, technology, and rules and regulations.

Market research firms have predicted strong drone market growth―Goldman Sachs forecast a total addressable market for drones of more than $100 billion by 2020―and sales data thus far appears to bear this out. Drones have already become a major part of our national airspace: there are more civil and commercial drones registered with the FAA than there are airplanes and helicopters, and the number of drone flights may soon surpass flights by all other types of civil aviation.

Helping drones become part of national airspace helps the drone market grow. We believe it’s important for drone companies to be part of this effort.

Drone Advisory Committee

UAS Safety Team

CTA Drone Standard

Goldman Sachs, “Drones: Reporting for Work

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