Final Hardware Build

August 25th, 2016

As we mentioned in our shipping and production update, we’ve made final hardware modifications to maintain uncompromised levels of quality, reliability, and safety for your Lily Camera. More details below:

– Lily Camera’s robust waterproof seal makes it hard to quickly dissipate heat and adjust pressure internally. This led to errors in magnetometer and barometer sensor readings. To resolve this, we upgraded to a more advanced magnetometer that can handle higher temperatures. We also re-designed the waterproof membrane to allow for faster internal pressure equalization. These modifications significantly improved flight reliability.

– Lily Camera’s ultra-portable design requires that all components sit very close to each other. Our tests showed that the battery could get damaged through contact with nearby components. We decided to reinforce the battery with a rigid fiberglass protective sheet wrapped in a layer of silicon (for shock absorption). We also increased our drop test requirements to guarantee maximum safety.

The timeline below reflects each milestone we will meet between now and the commencement of U.S. pre-order shipments:

gantt (1)

We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our engineering progress — just send a note over to You can also keep up with our daily projects on our Updates page.

Thank You!

We will get in touch soon.

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