It’s like riding a bike

May 27th, 2016


We gave you a first glimpse at the Lily companion app back in February. If you missed that email, no hard feelings. All is forgiven. Let’s get you filled in.

The Lily companion app, while maybe not quite as exciting as a camera that flies, is core to the Lily experience. The app that you will get from the App Store or on Google Play after unboxing your Lily Camera puts three important tools at your disposal. You’ve already seen the content management preview, so let’s explore beyond that.

After launching the app for the first time, you’ll experience an interactive onboarding flow where you will learn how to safely use your Lily Camera. At the end of this sequence, you’ll be ready for your first flight. It’s all muscle memory, like riding a bike.

Yon can revisit these tutorials whenever you want a refresher, or if you’re introducing a friend to your Lily Camera for the first time. Above, you can see Beta Manager Conor Giambona demonstrating a few best practices for takeoff.


The Lily companion app is also a window into key vitals during flight, such as battery life and system health. Above is a glimpse at the battery charge meter.

We recommend checking battery life prior to takeoff so that you’re free to focus on your activity as much as possible. However, these vitals are also available to you while your Lily Camera is in the air in case you need them. As you can see, this section of the app also offers an additional safety measure for landing.

This goes without saying, but the app will continue to live, breathe, and evolve after launch. We welcome any feature suggestions that pop into your imagination.

That’s it for this week, Lily Community! Thanks for tuning in. Have an adventure-filled weekend.

Thank You!

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