Next | Rewards Incentive for Original Customers of Lily – US Customers


Mota Group has recently purchased assets of Lily Robotics. We are not associated with Lily Robotics or its staff. We believe in trust and have designed an exclusive program below to rejoin the community. Read about our History to learn more.

What’s Included in NEXT Program?

  1. One-Time EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT (up to $250 for each Drone),
    only for Original Customers
  2. Permanent Placement on Lily’s Friend Page

Why do you get this offer?

You have been one of the original supporters of Lily. As part of your support, we believe you should own a piece of the company that is bringing the vision of Lily into the future. We have successfully launched the Lily Next-Gen™ and are delivering it, and we’re planning many more exciting products. That’s why we are providing you with this unique offer.

Why Lily Drone?

The friendliest drone in the sky
Ultra-portable, take Lily with you anywhere
The only drone on the planet with an exclusive protection plan


About Lily and Parental Company Mota

  • Mota has Over 2 million products shipped to 100+ countries.
  • One of the only drone companies in U.S. Est. 2003.
  • Retailers include Walmart, Fry’s, Staples & hundreds more.
  • Company exploring blockchain integration and AI to realize the full capability of drones.
  • Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. San Jose, California.

Step 1: Get your unique discount codes
The Codes will be emailed to you as well

Step 2: Get a Lily
Use the Discount Codes for up to $250 Off

Use 1-click checkout below or visit product information page.
All Lily products come with everything you need and 1 year loss/damage protection.


Lily Next Gen

*Remote control sold separately

Step 3 (Optional): Add Your Name to Lily Friend’s Page

Lily Friend’s Page is a wall of fame for all those who supported this project.

LILY Friends List Request
The order is similar to LC-88-123456.
Please provide feedback or any other information useful for us to lookup the orders.