Old Robotics History

Lily is Just Getting Started...

The original Lily Robotics was a startup founded by two students who were not able to bring the Lily drone to market. Mota Group acquired assets of Lily. in 2017. Lily Robotics’ vision was a fun and simple selfie drone for highly active people. We’re passionate about that ideal. We created Lily Next-Gen in that same spirit. We also improved the functions significantly so it could do a lot more and appeal to more people. Mota Group is a completely separate company. We have no association with the original company or its staff members. We are not involved in the backer refund process.

That said, the LILY-NEXT GEN that Mota is providing is in-stock and ready to ship. For a short time, we are providing considerable incentives, including permanent placement on Lily Friend’s Page, Significant Discount, and other incentives and hoping that folks decide to join back to Lily.

Refunds for Lily Robotics backers are being handled by the courts in Lily Robotics’ bankruptcy proceedings. We are not involved in, and have no knowledge of, the backer refund process. Mota Group is a completely separate company.

Being that we already have several years’ experience manufacturing consumer and commercial drones under our belt, we took on the challenge to create a product that would live up to the original vision for the Lily drone and more.

Mota ( www.mota.com ) has been in business for over 14 years and one of the only drone manufacturers in California. We’re headquartered in San Jose, CA, with offices in Hong Kong, China, and another planned for Munich, Germany.

Our drone division MOTA® develops and manufactures drones, from the world’s smallest, JETJAT® Nano, to commercial workhorses for industry and government applications. Our consumer electronics division TAMO™ imagines and brings to life stylish wearables, VR headsets, portable power products, and mobile accessories. For more information, visit http://www.mota.com, http://www.tamo.com, or http://www.lily.camera.